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Collective Dreaming

Friday 7.8.20 14:00-15:00

Plant Morals

Friday 2.7.20 with Fiji

Bye for Now


We are treeee.house.
A child dream come true.
A platform for imagination.

We aim to explore a growing body of questions, building on each other like the circles of a tree. We a aim to stimulate and remodel a worlview with new values in its center. Plants instead of humans, care instead of money, soil instead of concrete, local instead of global, together instead of alone. As we wonder about the configuration of our society, its mechanisms and stigmas, we build a space to imagine, a space to dream, a space to question.

A tree is all this, and more:

A land of its own.

treeee.house is created by Anna Mareschal de Charentenay, Leon Barre & friends.
Hi, I am a
, and a bit
. I have been traveling for many years. I am currently located in Telfoonstraat 17. I have many stories and I want to share them with you. I met 2 humans, and they built me a platform. Contact them, if you want to ask me a question.

Trees can be invaders, but were never born as such. We have a history of invading, being invaded, reinvading and claiming what is ours; defining what isn’t, who or what belongs and who or what doesn’t. But what is left of the idea of belonging when persistent shifting has become a worldwide constant? Our increased mobility, our ability to cross continents and seas have transformed this idea. We settle where we can and want, and carry trees with us, in the mud beneath our boots, by inviting their aesthetics to our gardens and interiors. Eventually, they cross our man-made borders into surrounding ecosystems, and suddenly they are classified as trespassers. We are quick to point fingers at the new found invader; we are quicker, it seems, to forget how much we might have trespassed ourselves.
What happens when the invader is invaded by an invader-borne-invader, which shall in turn be invaded back?
What is insvasion? Who is the invader? Is an invaded invader an invader still?
Is invasion an imitation game we are all playing?

You can't stop the invasive interview, only skip through it.


“A tree is a dreamer, watching the stars and clouds pass by"

He invites you to dream with him. The treehouse facilitates a series of collective dreaming sessions:


Join us on Jitsi Thursday 2.07 14:00 CET

Why collective dreaming?

We all dream and dreams can make us believe. What happens if we take a moment, an hour or so, and join each other dreaming? Can we connect? Can we combine our lonely dreams into a collective one? What narratives could we create? Let’s take a dreamy nap together and try it out.


The treehouse is a space with an essential need for social gatherings and events, for people to collectively create, imagine, reflect, build. To escape the known and safe grid we are familiar with, and refresh our intuitions two platforms up.


Interview - We are going to host a series of interviews with plant specialists, stay tuned. First up is Fiji from the wonderful Kopria - Athens.

Bird-Tree-House - We invite children from the neighbourhood to build invasive treehouses with us - for little birds. What sense do children make of invasion?


Pasta Party Pasta-making is great, pasta-making in a treehouse is better. Interesting new pasta dimensions were explored. An enjoyable day, from foraging ingredients to sharing a fairytale-dinner in the treehouse.

Residence For A Day - Due to the Corona Pandemic, organizing workshops got rather hard. Therefore we created the Day Residencies. Up to 3 people join us for a day in the treehouse to participate in an intuitive session, creating freely or in a given framework. Alex with the Lighter Slingshot.

Teaching In The Tree - Moments of real contact and intimacy have become rare. The treehouse is also a space to reconnect with one another, and step back a little. Lonny van Ryswyck from Atelier NL climbed into the treehouse for an afternoon of feedbacks, but also to take a break, to enjoy the birds, the sun, real life conversations and homemade kombucha and breads.

The Building - The past months have been an enjoyable time, really. Escaping through the back door to build the treehouse, leaving inside the computers, zoom meetings and media. Special thanks to Alex, Elin, and Jibbe for lending us your helpful hands.


“We are growing to understand. More will be revealed soon :)"